Series bibles

So you hadnít planned on writing a series but find yourself two or three books in without documentation on recurring characters, places, the timeline and more? Iíd be happy to read your books (provided they fall within my accepted genres, see below) and create that documentation for you.

Beta Reading

This is a one-time read through for major plot holes, questionable timelines, unlikable characters, etc. If you want a fresh set of eyes and an alternative perspective, then I'm your gal.

Website Updating

I'm great with straight html and CSS. (I love it, actually.) I have some experience with WordPress, but not much. Not a glowing recommendation, I know, but I manage/update at the moment. And I'm willing to learn something new. So at the very least, let's talk.

Manuscript Cleanup

Based on KDP, Smashwords, Kobo, & Createspace's self-publishing guides, I have created a twenty-seven step clean-up checklist. This includes:

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Helpful Hints

For detailed instructions, with images, on how to find and replce words with highlights, click here.

Other Important Information

For more about my reading preferences, my credentials, and turn-around times, click here.

Contact me: proofreader dot jen at gmail dot com.