Other Important Information

I do not claim to be an editor, just a proofreader. Important distinction there. Thanks.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do have a day job. My duties take ten to twenty hours a week, but Iím the bossís wife, so Iím allowed to freelance on the job. Some parts of the month/year are busier than others and sometimes projects come up that usurp more of my time. This is especially true around Fourth of July and New Years as hubby and I also own/operate a fireworks store. As you might guess, the Fourth of July is way busier than New Years.

My credentials:

The Chicago Manual of Style and Strunk and White's The Elements of Style are my primary resources, along with a handful of other online websites.

I can accept .DOC, .DOCX, and .RTF. Because I calculate your cost by the word count rather than the page count (word count X $.004), documents donít necessarily need to be formatted according to the romance industry standard, however, I may change font size or type or line spacing for ease of proofreading.

I prefer to read: romance, any genre including young or new adult and inspirational. Historical is one of my favorites. I do mind explict sexual situations or language during sex/love scenes. I will also read GLBTQ fiction.

I'll accept women's fiction, cozy mysteries, fantasy, time travel, paranormal, and political thrillers along the lines of Vince Flynn.

What I won't read: horror or fetishes in romance, to include bestiality and non-consensual sexual situations, no graphic murder mysteries or serial killer types works.

There's no way to predict how long a proofing job will take. It all depends on my schedule, the length and condition of the manuscript, or the scope of the job. Generally, however, it shouldn't take longer than two weeks. I read each manuscript twice, with a day or two break between readings, to ensure I catch everything. If you have any questions or to query my schedule, please e-mail me at proofreader dot jen at gmail dot com.

And, finally, now that Iím a certified D.B.A., the State of Texas requires me to collect sales tax as well. Our sales tax rate is 8.25%. My apologies, but I prefer to stay on the right side of the government.