About Jen

Jen FitzGerald lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, one of three children, a dog and a grand-kitty. As an active member in her local RWA chapter, North Texas Romance Writers of America, Jen currently serves as the 2017 Communications Director.

Well, that's the official stuff. Now about the real me...

When not writing or proofreading or updating websites or cleaning up manuscripts, I work with my husband in our IT business as chief cook and bottlewasher.

True confession: I'm a fan girl. My current fandoms include Madam Secretary, Sherlock BBC, OMG Check Please (a web comic), and Hockey RPF.

Last year, I discovered hockey and am a huge fan of the Dallas Stars, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

My current favorite movies include Harry Potter movies 6, 7.1 and 7.2, Star Trek 2009, Penelope, and Miracle.

Music-wise, my preferences include classical, country, both classic and contemporary, classic rock, and 80s pop. I also enjoy marching band music. (My son was in the marching band in HS.)

Food-wise, I love a lot of stuff, but have mostly given it up in an effort to both look and feel better as the years creep up on me.

I'm also somewhat crafty - in a good way! I like to sew and stamp (rubber stamps, ink, home made cards...). I can also crochet. A little.

And in case you couldn't guess, I love the military. My dad was in the Air Force for many many years, so was my step-mother, and that's where I met my husband. He was Air Force, not me. I just worked in the dining hall. Our son is now in the Navy.


Updated February 2017.